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Bruce Bennett’s “THE HUNGER…” Full of Empty Calories

In response to Bruce Bennett’s 523‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Spectrum (St. George, Utah)

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When perusing certain text, one cannot help but feel an emptiness, a longing for something the author seems incapable of providing. Such is the case with “THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE”, Bruce Bennett’s latest offering.

Bennet’s analysis is hardly aberrant in it’s structure. All the components are there, and all in their proper place: from the thorough set-up to the comprehensive assessment to the author’s final deliberation—all flowing smoothly and in sequence. And yet, one cannot help but feel there is a piece missing that detracts significantly from the portrait this work is trying to create.

The missing piece is the author’s own emotional investment. This text simply does not feel alive, impassioned. There is no emotional gravity to ensnare the reader, pushing them onward through the fray. Such soullessness breeds apathy and drains one’s motivation. The reader will flee as a result, never to return to peruse future efforts from this author.

Writing is a discipline that requires love. Without it, anything a writer produces will be as lifeless and hollow as old building, occupying space that would be better utilized by someone more engaged. For no reader has use for empty space. Their time is much too precious.    

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