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Marty Mapes Guides Reader Through Scary McCarthy World in “The Counselor”

In response to Marty Mapes’s 957‑word review of The Counselor on Movie Habit

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There’s something about the writing of Marty Mapes that is difficult to identify. The prose of the critic is entertaining and analytical but also shows true care for the needs of the audience. The latest work of Double M, “The Counsellor,” proves that Mapes ain’t going anywhere.

At the beginning of The Counselor, Mapes grasps the hand of the reader and guides her through the scary world of the film. Perhaps you only wanted to catch a little of Penelope’s Cruz or check out what ol’ Fassbender is up to, but Mapes warns that the film is no glamorous ride. It’s real and it gets nasty.

Although The Counselor is visually weak, one can appreciate the red bolding of various sections. The appearance of “Dirty Money” is especially enjoyable, and gives the review a tough, street-vibe after the cautionary opening. Mapes entertains with a fantastic plot summary that hilariously describes the characters, and allows one to feel like they could be Facebook friends. The world of Javier Bardem’s character will excite the more freewheeling’ reader (except for the beheading aspect), and Mapes brings it to life with skillful writing.

The Counselor concludes with clearly labeled sections on  the direction of Ridley Scott and the strong cast. Mapes displays a solid understanding of how to please an audience, and lets his fingers run free on the keyboard. It’s an exciting journey.    

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