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David Keyes’s “Gravity/****(2013)” Is More Novelization Than Critique

In response to David Keyes’s 1255‑word review of Gravity on

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David Keyes’s “Gravity/****(2013)” is a piece of criticism apparently intended for a very limited audience. The piece doesn’t make good reading for those wanting to read a review before seeing the film, and would be even worse for those who have already seen the film. The only audience the piece would really work on is for those who have an interest in the film but have no plans to see it.

This isn’t because of spoilers, though the piece contains a very detailed account of much of the movie, it’s because the gargantuan piece spends an inordinate amount of time beautifully detailing the events of the film. The prose is admittedly out of this world. It just doesn’t do much in the way of critique. For most of the review, Keyes’s writing reads like a novelization of the film, a very skilled novelization mind you, but a novelization nonetheless. It will have those seeking a film review scratching their heads.

When Keyes isn’t beautifully detailing the early events of Gravity he is bookending the description with predictions of Gravity‘s legacy. Once again, he performs admirably, displaying both writing chops and a firm grasp on film history. Despite all of this, these sections will leave those seeking standard film critique equally cold.

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