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Frank Swietek’s “Hunger Games,…” Twists, Turns, Titillates

In response to Frank Swietek’s 896‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on One Guy's Opinion

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Follow closely, but worry not about getting lost. Frank Swietek will take your hand and guide you through “HUNGER GAMES, THE:  CATCHING FIRE”, an impressive alliterative tome that stimulates the mind as well as the imagination.

The author demonstrates mystery writing ability so honed, it would make Sir Arthur Conan Doyle green with envy. Never revealing his intent until just the right moment, the author weaves a twisting tale of intrigue and drama, while gradually and systematically increasing the suspense factor. Very few missteps are taken, and rarely does one of them detract from the plot (with some exceptions). Anecdotes are told and analogies drawn that make perfect sense within the context, whether the reader is familiar with the specifics or not. One is never sure where this will lead, but they will be riveted along the way.

There is an undertone of sarcasm here, which usually doesn’t gel cleanly with this genre. And yet, somehow it seems perfectly natural here. It even adds a welcome bit of humor to the otherwise intense tone.

The formula for writing a mysterious masterpiece is unclear, other than it depends on a plethora of factors. Thankfully, the author seems to have solved this equation, and made the math fun in the process.    

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