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Eric Davis’s “‘Thor: The Dark World’ Early Review”

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‘Thor: The Dark World’ Early Review: This Is the ‘Thor’ Movie We’ve Been Waiting For” asks the question, literally, “have we really been waiting for a Thor movie?” Erick Davis certainly has.

Davis faces the onerous task of reviewing a film, that is a sequel to a movie that is based on a comic book, that features a character who was in the most successful film ever, which was based on a comic book, and may be tying into a TV series that is loosely based on…  wait for it… a comic book!

This fandom upon fandom upon fandom can be disorienting and, to his credit, Davis is never consumed completely by the trivia of who was in what slice of intellectual property and why. And Davis’ enjoyment is somewhat infectious because it’s tempered by a sense of humility.

It’s an honest review. Honestly enjoyed. Honestly analyzed through the glow of that enjoyment. There’s precious little pretending to be a film critic, or arm chair director. Davis is a gateway to epic comic storytelling who doesn’t sneer at you for not knowing who drew Thor issue 174, even though he likely knows. He doesn’t hold not being a geek against you. Which makes his review a great joy in a world rife with cynical refrain masquerading as intelligence.    

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