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Joe Williams Glides on Auto-Pilot in the Whiny “Overlong Hunger”

In response to Joe Williams’s 504‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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Joe Williams references himself in the first sentence of “Overlong Hunger Games: Catching Fire fizzles,” and proceeds to state that the film “has an annoying ‘me too’ quality” just sentences later. The work is a mild whine fest as Williams gently pouts and refuses to offer the reader anything substantial. The critic says “In better movies, no one needed reminding to fear Darth Vader and Voldemort.” Well, in better days of critique, no one needed to remind Roger Ebert to give a solid effort regardless of personal opinion.

One Williams moves on from his “William Tell-it like it is” pun (how long was that in the works?), he proceeds to summarize the film for seven paragraphs and the “review” ends. Don’t read too fast or you might miss flimsy lines of critiqued tucked away in the massive summary.

Never once does Williams say anything about the performance of Jennifer Lawrence in Overlong Hunger, and can only manage to come up with cute descriptions for the supporting cast. There is no analysis of how the characters interact with each other, and Williams seems way too offended by the film to realize that his audience may possibly desire a thorough critique.

The main problem with Overlong Hunger is that it’s lazy. Once Williams decides to actually offer a few thoughts on the film, he just glides over the entire plot by saying “not much happens for the first hour” and “the middle section is a rote introduction to the large cast of competitors.” Enjoy, reader. This is what you get from Williams rather than a comprehensive look at the film. Stuff happens.

Overlong Hunger is a complete waste of time.    

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