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Amber Wilkinson’s “Dark World” Is Potent but Fails to Reach Potential

In response to Amber Wilkinson’s 604‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Eye for Film

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Amber Wilkinson delivers with her latest work, “Thor: The Dark World,” but the overall quality is unlikely to “wow” the average reader.

Dark World succeeds with an emphasis on analysis over long, drawn-out description, and the critic’s writing moves briskly from point to point. Audiences will be pleased with the style and flow of Wilkinson’s words, but wish she could expand and provide a next-level review.

Wilkinson gives satisfactory time to the lead characters, not only explaining their importance to the film but also conveying the flaws to the reader. The critic’s writing is never boring, and her commentary raises important questions for one to think about while in deep Thor meditation. Wilkinson’s writing helps the reader find a comfortable place to ponder all the characters, but fails to transcend to Thor greatness.

Dark World shows that Wilkinson is dedicated to the craft, and she appears to understand her role in the whole affair, but the work feels a bit rushed. Perhaps a paragraph devoted to the director’s techniques or an individual character would bolster the overall quality.

Amber Wilkinson’s Dark World will please her core audience, but she clearly has the potential to reach a bigger crowd. The reader shall cheer on Wilkinson in her quest for greatness.    

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