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Roger Moore’s“Thor, the Dark World” Will Make You Renounce Your Sanity

In response to Roger Moore’s 413‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on McClatchy-Tribune News Service

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Roger Moore’s “Movie Review: Thor, the Dark World” doesn’t mess with the formula” is a slippery slope that leads to misery and existential angst that should be avoided like a rabid fox.

When an article looks more like an elementary school student’s idea of a poem there are sure to be issues ahead. The critic calls Thor formulaic yet he should probably adhere to one himself as the sense of cohesion is absent.

Moore gives a plot overview than jumps into a few gags that the characters in the film have with one another before devolving into a semi—coherent mess about Kat Dennings followed by a non-compliment of Man of Steel. It’s all very scatterbrained and your brain will hurt proceeding it: just a fair warning.

The critic  manages to nearly salvage the review via his stance on the film being formulaic in its execution. It makes sense that the film would adhere so closely to the structure of the last film but Moore makes it evident that had they done a little extra it might have taken the film out of “above average” and into “stellar” territory.

There are far too many violations to be able to forgive Roger Moore’s lemon of a review. “Movie Review: Thor, the Dark World doesn’t mess with the formula,” is in serious need of impounding.    

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