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Roger Moore Is the Man With the Golden Review in “The Counselor”

In response to Roger Moore’s 626‑word review of The Counselor on Movie Nation

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Roger Moore (not the one you’re thinking) is a great critic and his work is better than its modest trappings suggest.

Moore’s personal site, Movie Nation, is not pretty. In fact, it’s distractingly disfigured, offering very little in the way of the pleasing visuals that help reviews go down smoothly (these things do matter). There’s also an issue with formatting. A giant block of uninterrupted, jumbled text doesn’t scream “read me” and may turn many readers off.

It’s a shame because the content here is phenomenal. Moore is a consummate critic whose insights are not only prescient, they are well written. Moore has that rare ability to pick up an analogy and successfully carry it, paragraphs later, to satisfying completion.  

The writing sags momentarily in places, but Moore seems aware of this, giving it a jolt with another well placed electric sentence like “Almost every static scene before the inevitable murderous [Cormac] McCarthy violence boils up is big-name actors swapping pithy bon mots about the bad things they do for a living or to each other in bed.”

Moore is a writer and critic to watch. If he can jazz up the site and clean up the formatting issues, Moore has a chance to be mentioned alongside the greats.    

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