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Brian Viner’s Latest Offering, “Enjoyable Nonsense,” Is Anemic

In response to Brian Viner’s 160‑word review of Escape Plan on Daily Mail [UK]

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Brian Viner is sharp in his all-too-brief Escape Plan review, “Sly Stallone and Arnie Schwarzenegger, the old masters of enjoyable nonsense.”

Enjoyable Nonsense finds no small amount of amusement (or even bemusement) in the geriatric antics of a couple buff, grumbling, rough-and-tumble types. It’s a premise that lives up to the name of the work, but a premise it mostly remains.

Viner doesn’t care much to summarize, nor to analyze.  Enjoyable Nonsense is extremely light and quippy, with a sense of humor about its task that’s plain to see. It’s so well done that readers will no doubt be frustrated the work clocks in at a totally anemic 160 words—preferable to the Dickensian triple-decker review, perhaps, but not by much.

Furthermore, the verdict of the piece doesn’t seem to follow the premise, leading audiences to wonder what their call to action really is. The enjoyable romp is tainted with a tinge of incredulity, and it’s tough to figure out whether to take it seriously against the light-as-a-feather piece Viner dashed off in a bit of spare time.

Enjoyable Nonsense had so much potential, but that potential is wasted in not saying enough. Audiences will wish the talented author had offered a more substantial work, and will quickly abandon this review in the pursuit of one.    

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