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Scott and Eric Nash’s “Ender’s Game” Does Just Enough to Graduate

In response to Scott Nash’s 613‑word review of Ender’s Game on Three Movie Buffs

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The brothers Nash, who founded and run the website Three Movie Buffs, don’t claim to be professional film critics and that’s a wise move. It lowers the expectation of quality and sands out some of the rougher edges in the reader’s mind, ostensibly giving the Nash’s a little more freedom for mistakes.

That said, the Nash’s “Ender’s Game” is still being offered up as a review and will be treated as such. Scott, the best writer of the three, opens with a caveat; he’s never read the book on which the movie is based and doesn’t intend to. Brave, because this opens him up for attack from all the fan boys who think Orson Scott Card’s novel is a profound work because they’ve never read anything of true depth.

They also seem to think a reviewer can’t review the film properly unless they’ve read the book, a point which Scott correctly rebuffs.

The critique is solid enough, and Scott very methodically goes point by point through the acting, the visuals, the pacing, and the ending (you can almost see the outline showing through the text).

The writing is nothing to, well, write home about. It’s sufficiently serviceable, though, making this one a good second or third tier effort.    

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