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Drew Hunt’s Puny “Thor: The Dark World” Isn’t a Review

In response to Drew Hunt’s 69‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Chicago Reader

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Hmm. How to review a review that offers no review? 

Well, judged using the traditional yardstick for film criticism, Drew Hunt’s “Thor: The Dark World” doesn’t even qualify as a critique. It’s a short summarization, a blurb you’d find on the back of the DVD. If this were any shorter, it would need a high chair.

With a review this criminally short, you’d better get words and sentences absolutely chock full of tight, wonderfully descriptive analysis, but Hunt offers readers a paltry two; the story is “ridiculously complicated.” That’s it.

This is an insult to the majestic craft of film journalism and a slap in the face to film historians. André Bazin is spinning like a top in his grave and Roger Ebert’s ghost is on his way to Hunt’s house to haunt his DVD player for eternity.

This is laziness taken to an Olympic level. Yes, Hunt’s editors may place word count restrictions on him, but it’s up to the critic to create within those boundaries and offer readers something worthwhile and Hunt has failed on almost every count.

At least there’s one silver lining; at 69 words, it’s almost impossible to spoil anything in the film, so there’s that.    

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