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“Irrational or Not,” the Question for the Review Itself by Charlie Lyne

In response to Charlie Lyne’s 339‑word review of Nebraska on Ultra Culture

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Charlie Lyne’s “I can’t work out if my dislike of Will Forte is irrational or not” is more a personal discussion rather than a film review.

The title immediately opens with a statement about personal preference. Understanding that film critiques are chalked full of obvious opinion, readers also expect a fair amount of scene setting and specific likes or dislikes about the film as a whole. On this score, Irrational or Not fails.

Irrational or Not is bitingly entertaining, in the sense that the stream of consciousness effect of this review is intriguing. It really keeps the reader glued to the screen, wondering what else Lyne will have a problem with.

The problem in this type of structure is the lack of one at all. There is no arc to the review, no cohesive link from paragraph to paragraph. Instead readers merely float through the inner monologue of Lyne himself.

The negative criticism weaves in and out of a solid writing style, however the argument is weak. For every criticism, the negativity hangs in a void without evidence to connect it concretely to the rest of the review.

Irrational or Not is short and has a self-awareness about its unconventional bias, but overall it’s no piece of avant-garde work worthy of exploration.    

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