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Woloschuk’s “Gonna Make You Flinch: ’Kick-Ass 2’ Reviewed” Turns in a Riveting Performance

In response to Curtis Woloschuk’s 545‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on Willamette Week

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Curtis Woloschuk’s “Gonna Make You Flinch: Kick-Ass 2 Reviewed” is a rousing review that uses humor and sensible critical analysis to keep the readers intrigued until the very last word. This review stays on track and does well to use valid ideas to support the claims of the reviewer. Readers will not regret giving Woloschuk’s words a chance.

The title of this review grabs the attention of the readers and never lets go. It makes a promise and the readers will naturally be intrigued to see if it will make good on it.

Woloschuk’s writing keeps the reader’s attention fixed on every word—which is good seeing as how sentences that may seem like they are saying one thing actually lead to a completely different meaning. This isn’t done carelessly as the reviewer knows what he is doing. The twists and turns add up to a great thrill ride.

Readers should be aware that there are some major spoilers that are rather detailed and give away what they would have most likely found entertaining. However, these aren’t the kind of spoilers that will ruin the complete movie-going experience.

Woloschuk’s humor and wit are what make this a must-read review. Readers will have their senses awakened by the lively words that make up this exceptional piece.    

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