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Colin Covert’s “Hero to Zero” Is an Amazingly Cathartic Experience

In response to Colin Covert’s 620‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on Minneapolis Star Tribune

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Colin Covert’s “Movie review: ‘Kick-Ass 2 goes from hero to zero” is relentlessly and painstakingly critical. Covert paints the bleakest picture imaginable, carefully moving from the big picture to the details, and from subplot to subplot, like an exterminator moving from room to room. His effective journey is effective, but you won’t want to breath the air for a while.

The most amazing aspect of hero to zero is that Covert makes all of his attacks feel deserved. He fires off his shots with such confidence that you don’t need to look at the targets to know that the bulls-eye was struck.

Though a piece like hero to zero certainly has the potential to depress, most readers will feel more enraged than anything else. Covert is so effective at conveying what went wrong with Kick-Ass 2, and whose fault it is, that there is very little left to pity, though the work is certainly painted as pitiful.

Covert has shown himself to be extremely reliable, ably handling comedy, drama, science fiction, and romance. His work in hero to zero is some of his best. His writing is surprisingly funny, with unexpected jabs landing when least expected.

His use of metaphor, especially near the end, is really where the review shines. The finale mounts to such a satisfyingly bitter conclusion that audience members will taste the Covert’s disgust. Even though its a taste you’ll want out of your mouth as quickly as possible, the writing will stay with the mind for a long time.    

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