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“Plan Film” by Matthew Turner Shows Potential; but Isn’t That Good

In response to Matthew Turner’s 504‑word review of Escape Plan on ViewLondon

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To be fair, Matthew Turner is able to provide a little humor, but the critic fails to offer the reader much about the film in “Escape Plan Film Review.”

Turner makes somewhat of a statement at the beginning of Plan Film, however the reader may be shaking their head at the logic. It’s true that one wouldn’t bother with the film if Schwarzenegger and Stallone weren’t it, because it probably wouldn’t be a film at all.

After the troubling start, Turner shows little improvement in the “What’s it all about?” section. The plot summary isn’t too lengthy, and also not that exciting except a brief Vincent D’Onofrio joke. At this point one may contemplate giving up.

Plan Film improves slightly with a thin analysis on the film, and humorous takes on the two leads. Turner quickly glides over the action (the director does “a decent job”), and the dialogue, which is quite frustrating.

The critic says little about the actual performances of Stallone and Schwarzenegger, and seems to feel obliged to mention the supporting cast by name.

The conclusion of Plan Film spends a lengthy paragraph on the script, which one will appreciate, however Turner closes out in weak form with a few vague statement about the films. If the reader wasn’t already clear about the fight scenes, Turner once again notes that they are “decent.”

Plan Film offers a few original thoughts, but ultimately there is little to enjoy. One will appreciate the format of Matthew Turner, but hope he can beef it up next time around.    

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