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“All Talk, No Action” by Tim Martain Is Justifiable Homicide

In response to Tim Martain’s 551‑word review of The Counselor on The Mercury

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Picking on lesser targets may be akin to bullying, but allowing them to languish as they futilely cling to life is just cruel. The line between the two is often difficult to discern. Fortunately “The Counsellor Review” by Tim Martain treads this line flawlessly.

The professionalism on display here is nothing short of amazing. From the not-so-subtle nuances to the undeniably compelling evidence—all of it amounts to a beautifully condemning argument by the author. Artful murder is difficult to accomplish without a strong alibi. Let this piece serve as ironclad proof of his innocence citing reasonable motive.

Martain is the literary equivalent to Jack Kevorkian, and “The Counsellor Review” is the verbal equivalent of a mercy killing—a necessary act carried out by a highly skilled expert in the most humane way possible. He has clearly done this before, and it shows in his methodical and pragmatic approach. He honors his host, respectfully crediting their positive intentions. But make no mistake, retribution is swift. Once pleasantries are dispensed, he administers the killing dose with the aptitude and swiftness of a death row executioner.  Simultaneously, the author presents an air-tight defense to absolve him of his heinous, but necessary actions.

Those witness to the slaughter will surely gasp in awe afterwards. Martain delivers a virtual clinic on how to perform literary homicide in a manner that is merciful, yet efficient. The subject should thank the author for putting it out of its misery in such fashion, and future targets should pay heed. More importantly, the reader should take notes. For euthanization is about to be performed and the doctor is in.    

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