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Stefan Pape’s “The Wolf of Wall Street”, a Run-on Sentence of Dea(r)th

In response to Stefan Pape’s 753‑word review of The Wolf of Wall Street on HeyUGuys

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Ain’t it grand, when a breathless fan of a film director breathlessly causes you, the inquiring movie-going mind, to hold your breath, expecting a cogent presentation----well, don’t hold it any longer, your quest is unlikely to be over with Stefan Pape’s The Wolf of Wall Street.

Full of Briticisms such as ‘the FBI are’, we are swiftly (not to be confused with Jonathan Swift) treated to an apparent inventory of performing arts tropes, from comedy of errors, tragedy, farce, theatre of the absurd----in short, an unintended exoneration of one Prince Hamlet’s stabbing of the bloviating Polonius, a far more learned though equally obnoxious template for Pape’s annoying, cloying impersonation here.

Your indulgence is begged for one more Shakespearean allusion---if the Bard had lived in our time, it is submitted, he most certainly would have included hyperbolic holdings forth by film reviewers on the ‘perfection’ of guys telling other guys and gals what to do in front of and behind movie cameras as at least a top ten reason to ask ourselves that question, you know, about being or not.

Seriously?  ‘Perfect. ‘ 

Well, this writer’s not, so he’ll pursue the Bard angle once more: shall we compare thee, Pape, to a summer’s day (perfect)?  Thou art… artless in portraying a melange of competing genres in a directorial attempt to learneth that which doth stick on the proverbial wall—here, a silver screen—at which it is thrown.    

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