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Retro Reflection Makes You Want to Jump in Justin Craig’s “Old-School”

In response to Justin Craig’s 580‑word review of Escape Plan on

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Justin Craig takes readers back to the glory days of action films with his latest “Escape Plan review: Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger shine in old-school action flick.”

Old-School is an explosion of practicality. Craig brings the basics to the reader, and presents them with all the knowledge of a street-smart cinephile. There is no messing around with the critic; his ideas are blunt and easily accessible.

The introduction of Old-School busts open the gates, and Craig is waiting as the good-guy getaway driver. “Throwback” and “well-exectued” are terms that nobody can run from, and Craig offers his audience the “shotgun” seat and puts the pedal to the metal.

As Craig cruises along, he looks the reader in the eye and delivers a fine commentary on what works in the film. It’s not difficult to process the critic’s words, and he explains the basics of the plot with ease.

Old-School is an exhilarating ride simply because one gets to know the supporting cast. Craig describes the characters like they are old pals, and presents them to the audience with details that will make them laugh, and possibly even contemplate their own nicknames for the characters. That’s the kind of work we are talking about here, folks.

Justin Craig offers a classic good-time review with Old-School, and the reader will be thrilled from start to finish. Buckle up.    

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