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Matt Neal’s “The Counselor” Is a Crouton but a Tasty One

In response to Matt Neal’s 658‑word review of The Counselor on The Standard

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There is a solid review to be enjoyed in Matt Neal’s “The Counselor” if one can get past the typos. The critic’s writing is a bit clunky at times, however he does a fine job of stating his case and keeping the reader hooked.

The structure of Neal’s The Counselor consists of short paragraphs all of approximately the same size. Neal has a nice flow to his work, however the lack of hearty paragraphs make the review a small salad in a world of three to five course meals. One can appreciate the value of a crouton, but a thin composition such as Neal’s is clearly not ready for primetime.

Neal’s The Counselor is easy to follow, and Neal is always critiquing rather than describing. However, when discussing the content of the script, the critic’s work could have been improved by expanding on his argument. One learns little about why the characters are unlikeable, only that they are.

Neal makes perfect sense with his critique of The Counselor, but there is not enough analysis to make the work stand out. The lead character is barely addressed, along with the entire supporting cast, and one will walk away from the review without a sense of the plot or characters.

The Counselor has a great foundation, but Neal’s inability to expand makes the composition just another one of the pack.    

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