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Dominic Corry’s “Thor” Flies, but Needs More Muscle

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Dominic Corry turns in an above average performance in “Review: Thor: The Dark World.” This isn’t going to blow your hair back and it won’t make you go home and rethink your life, but there are enough positives here to warrant a read.

Corry’s approach here is fairly conventional and it’s a bit on the short side with only 310 words to work with, but Corry makes the most of his space and delivers a terse review with valid criticisms and crisp writing.

There’s thankfully very little rehashing of the plot as Corry eschews the typical one liner, synopsis, and critique structure that most critics favor. He instead favors a point by point breakdown and thank goodness, because he’s good at it.

Corry’s writing is crisp and he moves everything along at a perfectly brisk pace, which helps gloss over the fact that these aren’t overly sophisticated or deep critiques. These are of the personal variety: “I, for one, am getting tired of [Tom Hiddleston’s] smirky shenanigans” or “I felt a little action starved in the first half, but Thor: The Dark World perks up considerably in the final third.”

Hardly heady stuff, and, for that, Dark World stays only slightly ahead of the middle of the pack.    

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