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Roger Moore’s “‘Romeo + Juliet’” Needs Better Writing

In response to Roger Moore’s 1‑word review of Romeo and Juliet on McClatchy-Tribune News Service

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Roger Moore’s “‘Romeo + Juliet’ needed a better Juliet. And Romeo, too” is a shallow review that focuses entirely too much on subjective interpretation of the physique, age, and attractiveness of the actors portraying the characters.

Moore slides right into criticizing actress Hailee Steinfeld’s appearance and continues to participate in this activity throughout the review. Because his attacks have very little to do with Steinfeld’s acting ability and much more to do with her sex appeal, the reading audience is left disengaged from the content of a better Juliet.

Moore claims that he had something else in mind in regard to Steinfeld’s kisses, a statement that doesn’t seem to relate to anything except what’s going on in his—head. Readers might even wonder if Moore has a particular fantasy about Juliet that skews his movie review interpretation as a result. He obviously failed to toss aside his infatuations, and he contradicts himself in places as a result.

But Moore doesn’t stop with Steinfeld’s appearance. He’s fixated on Douglas Booth’s pretty boy exterior too, and even Juliet’s mother’s appearance. It’s not surprising that Moore ends the review on a note that claims the 1996 version was sexier.

Readers can only fantasize that a better writer had written a better Juliet.    

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