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David Bradley’s “Thor: The Dark World Review” Is Tense

In response to David 'Mad Dog' Bradley’s 224‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Rip It Up

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David ‘Mad Dog’ Bradley’s “Thor: The Dark World Review” reminds readers that reviews don’t always matche up with a reviewer’s nickname. What unveils is less “Mad Dog” and more “Sleepy Puppy.”

Bradlye’s ho-hum description of the lead’s third hammer-time as Thor, and frank acknowledgement that the humor in the film is the only anti-boring agent in the script, is followed by the usual soft patter of mildly annoyed analysis of the plot. Bradley gets anti-mad dog with the whimsical discussion of the film’s evil-mcguffin, called Aether, by describing it as a “magical raspberry cordial.”

The plot is given a punch in the face for being silly, as if Thor’s scripts should be written by Faulkner, or Hemingway. And then, before the regular-sized article is done, the analysis vanishes into a trailer.

The analysis is sleepy, the plot wrap-up droll, the final note of “getting hammered” is trite, and it leaves the reader with the impression that if the review was paid for with a penny a word, it would have been an oversell by a factor of ten.

Mad Dog’s review sleepily pokes at those who enjoy “Films that Go Boom,” but the venom is so weak you’ll be convinced he doesn’t have rabies. Maybe just a boring, everyday, sleepy cold.    

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