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Matthew Odam’s “Cuaron’s ‘Gravity’” Pulls Reading Audiences In

In response to Matthew Odam’s 875‑word review of Gravity on Austin American-Statesman

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Matthew Odam’s “Cuarón’s ‘Gravity’ pulls audiences in for an amazing journey through space (Our grade: A)” is a tour-de-force of captivating movie review content. When you hear the word “captivating” used to describe a movie review, you probably brace yourself for an overload of information.

Yes, Odam provides numerous plot movements, scenes, and even empathetic character descriptions, but they make for a wonderfully immersive reading experiences that regales with potent imagery and unique writing style. Odam takes readers on a nascent journey of Gravity summary, and then cinches the deal with detailed analysis.

The reader will feel pieces of steel flying at them,  concern for characters, and interest in Gravity themes right along with Odam. From concrete and personal to poetic language expressions, the review reveals itself as a microcosm of revelatory art. Odam burns as much energy managing the content of this dense review as he does with every careful word choice.

Other than the eye-bleedingly small font, Gravity pulls audiences in for an amazing… is an outstanding review that gives a decidedly human complexity and tone to the impersonal setting of the web-page. Odam’s storytelling meshes seamlessly with analysis and summary, and much like his appraisal of Gravity, he pulls the reader inside his review world.    

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