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Rich Cline’s “Gravity Movie Review” Is a Tonal Disaster

In response to Rich Cline’s 360‑word review of Gravity on

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Rich Cline’s “Gravity Movie Review” is a tough read. It seems like every statement has a caveat. Cline, like so many other reviewers at this point, has moved past the wonderment phase of Gravity and is beginning to see it through more realistic eyes. It’s clear though that there is a part of him that is unable to let go of the perfect film experience he once believed was there.

Its a frustrating mess of a read. Obviously Cline’s first person plural is on hand as it always is, and though distracting at first, patient readers can become accustomed to it. The real problem is that Cline, plausibly motivated by little more than a sense of duty, litters his praise with constant negativity.

The careful reader will start to notice like there is a secret message being conveyed between the lines. It’s like Gravity has a gun to Cline’s head and is forcing him to write a positive review. Cline seems to be sneakily telling us to “RUN!” while overtly feigning that all is well.

If Cline had taken the time to flesh out his concerns with the film, and adequately dismiss them to arrive at his final conclusion, there may have been some satisfaction here. As it is, the problems that he scatters about end up festering, poisoning what sounds like should have been a positive review.    

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