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“The Hunger…” by Peter Travers Lacks Portion Control

In response to Peter Travers’s 459‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Rolling Stone

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Peter Travers’s “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” is a thoroughly engaging piece, but could definitely use a little fat trimming.

Embellishment and verbiage are certainly not deficiencies in Mr. Travers’ repertoire, as he clearly demonstrates here. In fact, there is so much within this piece, the length of time it will take for the reader to traverse rivals the time spent analyzing the subject it is based on. The result is a work that is so bloated, it will likely saturate even the hungriest of readers.

To be fair, he does maintain a focus; an end goal that is always in sight. However, he sure takes the long way there. Some of the details are overtly inconsequential to the plot, and hence should be eliminated entirely. Others are distantly related, but are not tied to the premise closely enough to warrant their inclusion at all. Therefore, those could be cut as well.

And yet all of his textual meanderings have a charm, and one cannot help but be entertained by them (in and of themselves). If only he would focus his storytelling skill on telling the story instead of irrelevant anecdotes, he might have a semi-solid piece of narrative here.

Still, he gets the job done. And what he provides is riveting enough to hold the reader’s attention to the end. The question is, will they be thankful for the pleasure the journey provides or resentful of the time it takes from them in the process.    

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