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Ethan Alter’s “Something in the Air” Is Positively Aromatic

In response to Ethan Alter’s 932‑word review of Gravity on Television Without Pity

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Ethan Alter’s “Gravity: Something in The Air”  is not completely under the spell of Gravity; it does however harbor a deep appreciation for its source material.

Something in the Air presents the audience with enough food for thought about the film and will leave most people’s curiosity over the film more than satiated. The writing whips and winds around forcing the reader to take an active role in pushing through the narrative about the film. This makes Something in the Air a thoroughly engaging read from start to finish.

The argument here of course is that though the visuals and the performances are stellar (pun intended) the story leaves much to be desired as well as the seemingly two dimensional characters.  

Warning: this content does contain some mild spoilers. There are some subtle hints of a possible conclusion and other minor plot details are revealed as well.

Television Without Pity is visually impressive. Though there are a few of those annoying autoplaying in the back ground YouTube ads and  the ubiquitous Adchoices that you can’t go on one site without seeing these days. The layout is great and is easily navigable and the layout is easy on the eyes as well.

Ethan Alter’s Something in the Air is a snazzy little read full of positive insight about Gravity. And if it weren’t for a few spoilers the write up would be practically flawless.    

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