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Tom Huddleston’s “Thor” Thunders in an Amiable Romp

In response to Tom Huddleston’s 287‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Time Out

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Tom Huddleston would be a lot of fun at a party and he proves it by getting deliciously playful in “Thor: The Dark World.”

Huddleston is no stranger to the finer points of comedy and his considerable wit is on full, glorious display here. Carefully crafted and couched in his whimsically descriptive prose, the drollery could not be more spot on.

The review’s opening carries the torch for the banter to come as Huddleston runs down the ingredients needed for a Thor sequel. No spoilers here, but they are both impeccably chosen and hilariously absurd.

He also weaves pure magic with pitch perfect observations: “Asgard looks like a gold-plated chocolate-box nightmare”, “Hiddleston is campy and treacherous, Hemsworth is puppy-dog keen” and Anthony Hopkins “looks bored as uber-God Odin.”

When Huddleston can’t find the perfect word, he simply makes it up, gracing the world with the surprisingly workable “pacier”, as in, “more well paced than the previous iteration.”

The review zips along at a feverishly fast pace which is a double edged sword; readers will appreciate the charm, but lament the fact that it’s over so quickly.

Still, charisma oozes and drips out of every pore of this work, making it enormously entertaining and a no brainer to recommend.    

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