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Rob Thomas Wields a Wistful Hammer in “Thor: The Dark World”

In response to Rob Thomas’s 583‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Madison Movie

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Rob Thomas is a witty guy. Not witty in a pretentious, good-god-look-how-witty-I-am way, but in a jovial, slap-you-on-the-back-at-the-bar kinda way. One can imagine his wife being driven to homicidal thoughts by his ceaseless facetious ways, but luckily for readers, in ““Thor: The Dark World”: If I had a hammer…,” Thomas has a good internal editor and knows when enough is enough.

Thomas opens with a wry observation; the writers of the first Iron Man had it good. They existed in a time when each superhero movie wasn’t beholden to “Marvel’s cinematic universe of cameos and post-credit sequences and overlapping plots to pay fealty to.”

The writing is lively and fun (bordering on a slapstick that would make Leslie Nielson proud), and the witticisms playfully poke fun at the bicep’d guy with the big hammer while simultaneously offering real critique. The film suffers from “wildly divergent clashes in tone” and “the visual effects are pretty but weightless, and the actors do what they can to make some kind of mark.”

Thomas keeps things fresh and never lingers on a point for too long or tries to crowbar in a pun that just doesn’t fit. It’s an amusing romp that will delight readers of all ages.    

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