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Mick LaSalle’s “Fire Review” Might Inspire a Review Connoisseur Film

In response to Mick LaSalle’s 789‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on San Francisco Chronicle

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Mick LaSalle’s latest crafting, “Hunger Games: Catching Fire review” will be all the talk in the world of review connoisseurs. The elegant writing is sure to bring a smile to the face of the most cynical character of criticism, and the sweet elaboration on central themes will make one say “Ohhh… classic LaSalle,” while their eyes squint from pleasure.

Fire Review has the feel of the greatest bed-time novels that you just can’t put down. The paragraphs are rich with deep critique, the phrasings are poetic and the personal tone of LaSalle could result in the nickname “Mick Le Pal.”

The critic is stern in regard to the flaws of the film, but also quite enlightening about the first-half construction and the lead performances. LaSalle understands the difficulties of producing a successful sequel, and makes sure his loyal followers are hip to the small details.

Fire Review has the classic “it” factor. LaSalle’s prose ups the ante and offers the reader an experience that contemplates bigger ideas not only within the film, but in the world of cinema. The dark realities of the characters’ predicaments are brought to life with the outstanding writing of the critic, and some readers may be moved to sniffles and sighs.

The Mick LaSalle experience continues to evolve and one may dream of the hefty and enlightening paragraphs.    

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