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Cole Smithey “Gravity: No Holding Back” From Over Sharing

In response to Cole Smithey’s 593‑word review of Gravity on

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This review “Gravity: No Holding Back” by Cole Smithey is a concise review consisting of fluid language. It’s simple and complex. Direct and yet eloquent. Honest but not brash. An experience that was wholly appreciated.

The introduction to No Holding Back is gripping, mentioning a comparison between the film Gravity and 2001: A Space Odyssey in their ability to create a world for the audience that is believable. This immediately establishes credibility with the audience, creating a connection to another American favorite Sci Fi flick.

From there Smithey creates several images and correlations that are innovative and interesting. Using the idea of theatre wordage to better help the audience understand the cinematic dynamic was not only an intelligent linking but punny as well.

The only reservations that exist with this review are its spoiling effects. No Holding Back shares more than just summary. The contents of this review explore specific scenes within the film that did not need to be shared in order to provide an accurate account of the general summary.

Smithey’s enthusiasm causes him to gush too openly about the plot line and leaves his audience with too much information. A review worth the read, just watch for those spoilers towards the conclusion.    

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