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Kimberly Gadette Digs Her Own Grave in “Movie Review: …”

In response to Kimberly Gadette’s 919‑word review of The Wolf of Wall Street on Doddle

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The subject is analyzed with the dilligence and thoroughness of a forensics expert in “Movie Review: The Wolf of Wall Street”, Kimberly Gadette’s latest offering.

One cannot deny the passion behind this piece. It is so palpable, it feels like a tinder box read to explode at any moment. All it needs is a spark. Sadly, that spark never comes, despite the author’s relentless attempts to generate an emotional response. It’s mystifying in that all the components of an engaging literary synopsis are here, and her conviction is steadfast and relentless. So by all logic, that should amount to a pivotal and inspiring, or at least controversial, literary assessment of the source material. But something is missing…

That something is the author’s ability to let go and allow her passions steer the piece. Instead, she tries too hard to be scholarly and embellishes her robust vocabulary to the point that it feels more like reading a physics book then an engaging analysis. Too much verbiage is coupled with a lingo that is too uppity for the taste of most readers, who will no doubt need to break out a dictionary at some point just to understand what the author is trying to say. Moreover, it borders on condescension at times, which is never beneficial when trying to appeal to a predominantly lower middle class audience.

To be sure, there is a consensus here. The author does have a take, albeit it is buried under a mountain of jargon. Unfortunately, the reader will likely resent having to shovel it out.    

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