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Brian Viner’s “Giant Killer Ants? Time to Send in the 12-Year Old” Cranks

In response to Brian Viner’s 257‑word review of Ender’s Game on Daily Mail [UK]

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Want a review that complains about how loud SF films are in the first sentence? Then feast upon Brian Viner’s “Giant killer ants? Time to send in the 12-year Old.”

The “bored old man” tone is matched by Viner’s snide commentaries, making it clear science fiction films are for losers. It’s a move that is bound to alienate the majority of the review’s potential audience. While it is true that a science fiction premise sounds ridiculous as soon as you say it, the ironic refrain is almost too much, even with the short word count.  

There are marks to be had for his critic of the film’s idiotic comments on history, but none of these minor bright spots is enough to make you think any more about the piece. When Viner includes his parenting experiences as the means to shoot down the film’s premise, there’s almost no point in going on.

Nothing like disdain, self-importance, and complaining to turn a film review into it’s ugly nemesis: the non-review. And in that regard, Viner has done a bang up job of ignoring anything but the barest inkling of analysis of the film. If not for his cranky, old man fist-waving at how loud the world has gotten, good money would be on Viner having not actually watched the film.    

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