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“Hunger Games” by Tim Evans Is an Easy, Breezy Image Review

In response to Tim Evans’s 463‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Sky Movies

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Tim Evans uses crisp phrasing to highlight his prose in “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” but his catchy wording is not enough to override the thin analysis of the review. The work is perfect for a review castaway who is unable to distinguish the good from the bad.

Hunger Games is not a terrible piece of work, but it’s all style. The visuals are pleasing along with the written word of Evans, but there is not much going on in between the first and last sentences. The direction of Francis Lawrence is briefly noted in the introduction, but Evans moves on without expanding. The entirety of the review consists of one or two sentence paragraphs, which clearly tells the reader that a hearty critique will not be found in this review.

Evans shows potential in Hunger Games, but he simply doesn’t supply enough information to make the work memorable. The “love triangle” is only hinted at, and the critic fails to explore the details for his audience. The supporting cast is briefly mentioned, but it’s all minor-league material, possibly bush-league, that shows little dedication or effort.

Oh, J-Law. Evans concludes Hunger Games with a couple powerful sentences that essentially inform the reader that Jennifer Lawrence is awesome. What exactly does she do in the film? The critic refuses to say, but the actress is in the film and apparently is quite good.  

Hunger Games is a teasy review that the leaves the reader frustrated and stressed.    

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