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Nell Minow’s “Thor” Is a Lesser God This Time Around

In response to Nell Minow’s 524‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Beliefnet

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Nell Minow bills herself as the “Movie Mom,” and she certainly plays the part well. Those affectionate eyes and doting demeanor all fit the matronly movie maven to a T. It makes sense, then, that her reviews have a kind hearted and mothering sensibility and “Thor: The Dark World” is no exception.

That’s not to say she can’t criticize (because really, who’s better at being critical than mothers?). She never lets her good nature get in the way of her duty as a critic. It may never take the form of biting, vitriolic venom, but she knows her way around film analysis to be sure.

The writing here is competent in an English teacher way; it’s not going to break any molds, but it is grammatically perfect and syntactically solid. The tone is light and refreshing and moves at a decent clip, but falters a bit when Minow gets to the critical denouement.

The critiques here just aren’t as strong as her usual stuff. Yes, she touches on all the requisite points, but they feel half hearted and fairly unoriginal (i. e. Loki is the reason to see the movie, it’s funny at times but all a little silly) but they will work just fine for her audience.    

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