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Mark Dinning’s “The Counsellor—Abjection Sustained” Overrules Convention

In response to Mark Dinning’s 665‑word review of The Counselor on Empire Magazine

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The reader feels safe in Mark Dinning’s world.   “The Counsellor—Abjection sustained” is a remarkably rhetorical publication that’s as thoughtful as it is provocative.

The author takes the reader on a journey unlike any they’ve been on before. Spectacular imagery and dramatic storytelling flow together seamlessly throughout. And when the author finally deposits them back into the real world, they will wonder where the time went.

Possibly Dinning’s greatest attribute is his ability to write dynamically about a turbulent topic while somehow maintaining a stability that reassures the reader they are in good hands. His voice is clearly biased at times, but never does it override his mission to inform and entertain. It’s as if they are on a ship at sea during a fierce storm, and Dinning is the captain. Despite the chaos all around, the author keeps the story moving “steady as she goes” and full speed ahead. Never wavering from its destination, never slowing. Ever vigilant against the crashing waves of contradiction and gale force plot twists.

Tragically, it ends with more ambiguity than the build-up deserves. But a shaky closer is hardly reason to pass up this near masterwork.

In conclusion, this is one textual offering that should not be missed. Audiences should do themselves a favor and come aboard “The Counsellor—Abjection sustained” at once. The subject may be an intimidating one, but in the end, Mark Dinning will deliver them to safe harbor.    

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