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Michael Phillips’s “‘The World’s End’” Is Not Worth the Effort

In response to Michael Phillips’s 490‑word review of The World's End on Chicago Tribune,0,6555885.column

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Michael Phillips’s “‘The World’s End’ is a reunion, with an open bar” is not worth the effort required to view it. Set in a website for a newspaper with a questionable business plan, the reader must sign his name, produce email addresses, and if he wants to view more than a few reviews, monetarily reimburse the site.

The indulgence in art is not meant to be restricted in this way. And, to visit a site that engages in these practices is to tacitly agree to this behavior.

Phillips’s work starts and ends on confusing notes. With his first breath, the critic references a different movie with a similar title released around the same time. Yet, he does not explain his reason for referencing said movie. This distracts from the work.

To its credit, the body of the treatment does engage and inform the reader. But, the reviewer ends on a sour note never fully committing to his opinion and leaving the reader unsatisfied.  

A star rating (without reference to the scale on which he was rating) is the best tip off to his final verdict, an ambiguous one. Only a truly inspired work of art would be worth the trouble to view this review. But, inspired, this was not.  So, recommended, this is not.    

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