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Eric Henderson’s “Cloudy 2” Fails to Hit the Sweet Spot

In response to Eric Henderson’s 531‑word review of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 on Slant Magazine

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Eric Henderson’s ” Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2” is a tough review to digest. Henderson’s ill-conceived word use will keep eyes in a constant state of rolling. Couple that with the fact that Henderson flip flops as much as a fish out of water makes it a review that isn’t worth the effort to read.

If you aren’t lost within the first few dizzying lines of Henderson’s Meatballs 2, then congratulations on being in at least 1% of the population for something. Words shoot left, right, up, and down without  a sense of order or cohesion they just seem to exist to stupefy the audience, and lower some’s self esteem.

The wordy concoction feels like the end result of a thesaurus-blender make-out session. Be prepared for a rousing round of gustatory related puns, punchlines, and metaphors; you’ll definitely have had your fill by the end of the review, but sadly the food related humor is not of the gut-busting variety, and it all comes off as rather corny.  

Cheesy puns aside (last one) the write -up feels a bit confused as Henderson offers a mild critique of the film initially, but ultimately seems to recommend the film to readers. The whole thing comes off rather scatterbrained. Maybe its fear of commitment, but Henderson does not seem to be able to convey a sense of whether or not this is a film you should see.  

If you want to watch a dynamic battle between two opposing sides then  this review will satisfy your sweet spot, you just have to be ready for both sides to be represented by the same individual. If you prefer reviews that are easy to understand,  then don’t spoil your appetite on Henderson’s latest.     

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