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“Review—The World’s End” Is a Delightful Triumph of Modern Film Reviews

In response to Cameron Williams’s 209‑word review of The World's End on The Popcorn Junkie

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Cameron Williams’ magnificent review, “Review—The World’s End” is a breath of fresh and a reminder of how one man can attract film buffs to movie theaters. The structure is brilliant as Williams first notes that director Edgar Wright is not making just another genre film.

The author eloquently describes the various themes of the film, and sets the stage as he brings the reader into the mindset of the main characters Gary King, and the motivations of his following friends. Williams takes notes of the conceptual importance of the past, and grooms the reader for the hilarity that ensues.

The penetrating focus on the key players is steady throughout, but Williams transcends his glorious open with a dynamic gateway leading to the stylistic approaches taken by the editor. Williams’ observations are profound, and writes with razor-sharp wit on the style of Edgar Wright that could potentially be lost on the viewer.

The author knows how to weave a tale, and engage the reader and how the how, whens and why of cinema. The path Williams takes is seldom traveled, but at the risk of sounding trite, it will totally be worth it. His review is a truly imaginative, sagacious work for the ages. One can only hope that his brilliance is recognized.    

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