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Simon Foster Puts the Hammer Down on “Thor” in “The Dark World”

In response to Simon Foster’s 579‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Screen-Space

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Screen Space, and writer/founder Steven Foster, may be the best kept secret on the web when it comes to film review. With such a scant following on Twitter and Facebook, you’d never find this gem of a site that pairs intelligent, well-constructed reviews with confident and pleasing visuals.

That’s a shame because Foster’s missive, “Thor: The Dark World” embodies everything a critique should be; it’s concise, brisker-than-brisk, and it combines valid, considered opinion with bold prose.

Foster’s ear for tone is beautifully realized here; it’s studious and serious, but still manages to be genuinely sanguine (with a touch of snark). It’s not an easy feat to maintain a consistent timbre throughout a piece, but Foster is clearly a prodigy and his prose never sags.

The critique is pitch perfect as well. It’s refreshing to see a critic eschew the tradition of filling space by rehashing the plot ad nauseam and get straight to the good stuff, which Foster does here with aplomb. The film has “very little meat on the bone” and “some tepid family drama, a wan romance and cutesy humour are the only vaguely human components.”

Foster is a rare talent and Dark World is the work of a consummate auteur. If you’re a fan of film criticism, you owe it to yourself to keep an eye on this rising star.    

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